*NOTE: I've been having issues with the submission forms so please email your submissions directly to to ensure I have received them.
To me, the three leaf clover represents the beauty in the mundane. We can spend our whole lives searching for a four leaf clover or waiting until we are lucky enough to find one, or we can appreciate the beauty that is already in front of us, that surrounds us everyday, because three leaves are just as good as four. 

Appreciating the beauty in the everyday is exactly what this series of zines aims to do. It is my thesis project for my final year of pursuing a Graphic Design degree at Emily Carr University, and I am looking for as many submissions as possible of personal writings and reflections about everyday objects that we find beautiful, or enrich our lives in some way. The three topics are objects of culture, reflection, and time. If you are interested in submitting to help out my project, check the links below for more information on each of the topics. I have also included more specific suggestions of what to write to initiate the thinking process or help if you are stuck.
I will also be sending a free copy to everyone who is featured if they are interested. :)
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