Objects of Culture
This zine calls for reflections of objects with any sort of cultural resonance.
For these submissions, it could be an object of your own culture, or from another that you’ve found really useful. Anything that seems significant to you both personally and culturally. 
An object of culture for me is a cheese slicer, or ostehøvel. A Norwegian invention apart of my life because of my Norwegian mother. For my entire childhood and most of my teenage years I thought a cheese slicer was a completely normal object found in every household, until one day I asked my friend where their cheese slicer was and she gave me a confused look. Since then I've probably asked every single one of my friends who's house I've visited if they have one, just out of curiosity. It’s also become a common topic between my family and any outsider, often arguing about whether it’s a useful invention in comparison to a knife (it is! It gives you completely even, thin slices unlike a knife every could). 
What objects resonate with you culturally? What is an object of culture in your life? How do objects define your own identity and culture(s)? 
I also love to hear descriptions of each object or see images of them, descriptions can be included in submissions or images can be emailed to lmurray20737@ecuad.ca or DM'd to @cloverfieldzine on instagram. 
Please also let me know how and if you want me to credit you. If you would prefer to remain anonymous you can leave the name field blank and even use a fake e-mail (but note that I wont be able to contact you about receiving a free copy if your writing is selected). On the other hand let me know if you'd like me to include your name as well as any links such as a website or instagram!
Thank you!
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