Objects of Reflection
This zine focuses on objects that allow us to reflect in any way. 
Originally, when I thought of reflection I thought about a zine where we could reflect on old diary/journal entries, but there are many more ways to define reflection. It can be found in a mirror, a lake, or a wind ow. Or something else entirely. What object has allowed you to reflect on your life? Have you ever found reflections of yourself in art, images, or films? It is open to your own interpretation. 
I also love to hear descriptions of each object or see images of them, descriptions can be included in submissions or images can be emailed to lmurray20737@ecuad.ca or DM'd to @cloverfieldzine on instagram. 
Please also let me know how and if you want me to credit you. If you would prefer to remain anonymous you can leave the name field blank and even use a fake e-mail (but note that I wont be able to contact you about receiving a free copy if your writing is selected). On the other hand let me know if you'd like me to include your name as well as any links such as a website or instagram!
Thank you!
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